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Post by 26Spartans on Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:42 pm

Why do you want to join?:I want to join because I feel that this server will be fun in the long run
How long have you played MC?: About 1 year
Have you read the rules?:Yes, I have
Why do you want to be a Admin:I want to be an admin because im already one on another server, and they really like me there
What do you plan on doing?:I plan on doing what the server wants me to do
What do you feel is important to the server?:I feel that strong staff and the correct plugins are the 2 most important things
How can you help us improve the server?:Yes
Who can we speak to that will recommend you?:I dont wanna be advertising but my buddy Snormacs_ on his server
How many hours can you give to the server, to keep it safe?:I can give the server probably 7 hours
What could you bring to this server that others cannot?:I can bring honesty and friendship


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