WeThreeKingz's Moderator Application (for new server)

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WeThreeKingz's Moderator Application (for new server)

Post by WeThreeKingz on Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:58 pm

IGN: WeThreeKingz

Age: 14

Why do you want to join?: To keep the server fun and clean.

How long have you played MC?: Since 1.7.1, so a few months.

Have you read the rules?: Yes

Why do you want to be a MOD: To make sure that this server maintains the fun and hate-free status.

What do you plan on doing?: I plan on building amazing structures to increase the flow of players and keeping the server free of hackers/griefers/flamers.

What do you feel is important to the server?: I feel that maintaining the fairness from Mods/Admins to the players is very important. Keeping the server clean and nice is important, too.


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