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Post by faycaltehman on Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:49 pm

IGN: Faycaltehman
Age: 18 now.
Why do you want to join?: Because I know I can help alot.
How long have you played MC?: Almost a year now.
Have you read the rules?: Yes I have.
Why do you want to be a Admin: because I know I can help people if they have questions.
What do you plan on doing?: Helping people if they have questions.
What do you feel is important to the server?: The quality of the assistance and the players.
How can you help us improve the server?: Enforce the rules
Who can we speak to that will recommend you?: wethreekingz and Tbone
How many hours can you give to the server, to keep it safe?:A day I can give it about 2-3 hours.
What could you bring to this server that others cannot?: Being a helpful admin that does not abuse his powers.

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