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Post by cookieman768 on Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:16 am

Why do you want to join?:To help the server grow and to spread my knowlage
How long have you played MC?:alpha
Have you read the rules?:yes
Why do you want to be a Admin:i have been admin on many other servers after ranking my self up through builder to mod to admin i am admin on 3 strangers servers
What do you plan on doing?:building and aiding the players of the server
What do you feel is important to the server?:A good community an a great admins
How can you help us improve the server?:i have had experience on the 3 previous servers that are sadly closing due to lack of funds Sad
Who can we speak to that will recommend you?:this person named ign: kyleellwood
How many hours can you give to the server, to keep it safe?: 1-2 during the week and 1-3 on the weekends
What could you bring to this server that others cannot?: The knowledge of me and my past server admin adventures


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