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MinecraftDude4 Mod application Empty MinecraftDude4 Mod application

Post by MinecraftDude4 on Fri Dec 23, 2011 1:33 pm

Why do you want to join?:Well i want to join the mod team because i really like this server i was mod on other servers I know all the commands and i want to join so i can make this server a really nice place where players can play and have toons of fun with a really great community
How long have you played MC?:since beta 1.3
Have you read the rules?:Yes I did read all the rules
Why do you want to be a MOD:I want to be a mod because I am smart and i know how to be a mod because i was a mod on other server I am really respectful and want to help all the players in this game as much as i can
What do you plan on doing?:I plan on making this a better community save it from grifers help players in any way i can and bring happynes to the server and make it really fun for the players
What do you feel is important to the server?:Its important to have a really strong community and a really good policy against grifers and hackers, it is important to play and have fun but respect all the rules and its important to talk friendly.


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MinecraftDude4 Mod application Empty Re: MinecraftDude4 Mod application

Post by Chubby on Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:53 pm

Pending request..Please wait patiently..

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